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Self-Help Guides

Self Help Guides are useful tools for women to use on their own or in conjunction with therapy and can help with a speedier recovery. There are several great self-help guides available.

The BC Reproductive Mental Health Program has created three amazing and incredibly detailed self-help guides for women coping with perinatal anxiety and/or depression. See the following links to access these guides:

The Pacific Postpartum Support Society has a self-help guide for postpartum depression and anxiety called:  Postpartum Depression and Anxiety: A Self-Help Guide for Mothers.

Best Start has put together a self-help guide for women living with depression (PDF):

A group of practitioners and researchers based at the Provincial Reproductive Mental Health Program at BC Children and Women’s Health Centre and St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver, BC have put together a self-help guide for women with postpartum depression and/or anxiety:

The Women’s Health Clinic offers a Coping with Change – A New Parent’s Guide booklet available in English or French at http://womenshealthclinic.org/what-we-do/maternalhealth/mothering-support/.