Subject Verb Agreement Exercise for Grade 2

Subject-verb agreement is an essential aspect of English grammar that students need to learn and apply correctly. It helps to ensure clarity in communication and avoids confusion in written and spoken language.

Grade 2 is a critical stage in a child`s education, where they start to learn and build upon the fundamentals of language. As a professional, I have compiled an exercise that will help grade 2 students understand and practice subject-verb agreement.


1. Read the following sentences carefully and circle the correct verb form.

a) My dog (is/are) sleeping on my bed.

b) The boys (play/plays) soccer after school.

c) The apple (taste/tastes) sweet.

d) My sister and I (like/likes) chocolate cake.

e) The birds (fly/flies) high in the sky.

f) The cat (chase/chases) the mouse around the house.

g) The flowers (bloom/blooms) in the garden.

h) The children (run/runs) in the park.

2. Rewrite the following sentences, changing the verb form to match with the subject.

a) The cat chase the mouse around the house. (The cat chases the mouse around the house.)

b) The bird fly high in the sky. (The birds fly high in the sky.)

c) The children runs in the park. (The children run in the park.)

d) My mom make delicious pancakes. (My mom makes delicious pancakes.)

e) The boys play soccer after school. (The boys play soccer after school.)

f) The flower bloom in the garden. (The flowers bloom in the garden.)

g) The apple taste sweet. (The apple tastes sweet.)

h) My sister and I likes chocolate cake. (My sister and I like chocolate cake.)

3. Identify the subject and verb in the following sentences and check whether they agree or not.

a) The girl is singing beautifully. (Subject: girl Verb: is singing – Agree)

b) The boys am playing basketball. (Subject: boys Verb: am playing – Disagree)

c) The cat are sleeping in the sun. (Subject: cat Verb: are sleeping – Disagree)

d) The trees is green. (Subject: trees Verb: is green – Disagree)

e) My friends am coming over for a sleepover. (Subject: friends Verb: am coming – Disagree)

f) The car is parked outside. (Subject: car Verb: is parked – Agree)

By practicing these exercises, grade 2 students can master subject-verb agreement, effectively communicate their thoughts and ideas, and develop essential language skills.