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Manitoba Support Groups

Support Groups are a place for moms to share their experience in a non-judgmental setting- usually surrounded by other moms who have or are experiencing the very same thing. Groups are facilitated by volunteers- usually with personal experience, or by medical professionals. They can be quite helpful in a woman’s recovery as they help the woman to understand she is not alone. It can also be useful learning what has helped others and hearing stories of hope and recovery.

Winnipeg Support Groups

  1. Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba (MDAM)


    MDAM is a self-help organization offering support and education to people affected by mood disorders in Manitoba. They offer drop in 1:1 peer support, telephone peer support, email support and a variety of different support groups in both their Winnipeg and rural Manitoba locations.

    MDAM Winnipeg holds a free peer-led Postpartum Depression Support Group.

  2. Women’s Health Clinic (WHC)


    Locations: 419 Graham Avenue & 603 St. Mary’s Rd (The Birth Centre)

    Women’s Health Clinic offers a postpartum workshop for parents called: Coping with Change.

    • This series of workshops help parents understand all the emotional adjustments, including depression and anxiety. It helps you to develop new coping strategies to support the changes that happen when a baby is introduced into a family, either by birth or adoption.  The program meets weekly at The Birth Centre and is offered around the city and province by trained facilitators.  At The Birth Centre, registration is preferred, walk-ins are welcome. There is no fee. For more information on time and day and other locations call the Mothers Program Assistant at 204.947.2422 ext. 113.

    WHC also offers Families Connecting Support Groups.

    • These are part of the Healthy Baby Community Support Program that helps expecting parents as well as those with children under the age of 1 to build connections with other families and health care professionals. A nurse and dietician are present at every support group. For more information on this service, please call 204-947-2442 ext. 113.

    WHC also has free and low cost counselling services available.

    • They accept self-referrals. For more information on their counselling programs, call 204-947-2422 ext. 204.
  3. Nest Family Centre


    Nest Family Centre is Winnipeg’s only family centre created by an experienced health care professional with the goal to provide knowledge and support to families from pre-conception to kindergarten. Nest runs various helpful classes, workshops and series. For more information, see the following link for an updated schedule of classes, workshops and series offered at Nest: http://nestfamilycentre.com/schedule

    • Location: 667 Stafford Street, Winnipeg, MB, R3M 2X7
    • Phone: 204-453-8160
    • Email: info@nestfamilycentre.com

    Nest offers an 8-week therapist-led postpartum support group series called Beyond the Baby Blues (led by counsellor- Cheryl Dizon). There is a cost of $200 for the 8-week series and registration is required.

    • Private counselling sessions are available with Cheryl Dizon, a certified counsellor for $80/hour. Call Nest Family Centre at 204.453.8160 to inquire.

Rural Postpartum Support Groups

Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba (MDAM)

MDAM holds free peer-led Postpartum Depression Support Groups in various rural areas. Call for more information.

  • Interlake/Gimli Region: 204-482-3810 ext. 416
  • Norman Region: 204-271-3758
  • Westman/Brandon area: 204-725-1232
  • Thompson (Burntwood) area: contact Ron Buchanan at 204-679-2324

Anxiety Disorder Support Groups

Anxiety Disorders Association of Manitoba (ADAM)


ADAM is a self-help organization offering support to Manitobans affected by an anxiety disorder. They offer cognitive behavioral programs as well as support groups for the prevention, education, early intervention and management of anxiety disorders in many locations in Manitoba. Locations are in Winnipeg, Brandon, Altona, Winnipeg Beach, Flin Flon/The Pas, Lac Du Bonnet, Thompson, Dauphin. Visit the following link to find contact information for an ADAM location near you. http://www.adam.mb.ca/contact-us

  • Winnipeg Location: 100- 4 Fort Street, Winnipeg, Mb
  • Phone: 204-925-0600 (Toll free: 1-800-805-8885)
  • Email: adam@adam.mb.ca

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Support Groups

OCD Centre Manitoba, Inc.


OCD Centre Manitoba, Inc is a self-help organization offering support and education to people affected by Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). They offer many different support groups including an adult support group, Friends & Family Support Group, Post CBT Group and an OCD Book Club. For more information on these groups, see the following link: http://www.ocdmanitoba.ca/support-groups/