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Manitoba Courses/Workshops & Support Groups

Support Groups are a place for moms to share their experience in a non-judgmental setting- usually surrounded by other moms who have or are experiencing the very same thing. Groups may be facilitated by volunteers, usually with personal experience, or by medical professionals. They can be quite helpful in a woman’s recovery as they help the woman to understand she is not alone. It can also be useful learning what has helped others and hearing stories of hope and recovery.

Winnipeg Courses/Workshops & Support Groups

Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba (MDAM)

MDAM is a self-help organization offering support and education to people affected by mood disorders in Manitoba. They offer drop in 1:1 peer support, telephone peer support, email and text support, and a variety of different support groups in both their Winnipeg and rural Manitoba locations.

Postpartum services specific to Winnipeg include one on one birth trauma peer support and a Baby Blues & Better Days Speaker series. A Baby Blues & Better Days workshop is offered that covers topics of interest from pregnancy through to postpartum. 

The following services are available province-wide:

MDAM Winnipeg previously held a free peer-led Postpartum Support Group and hopes to offer it in the future. See the following link for an updated calendar with times & dates of their many other Winnipeg support groups: http://www.mooddisordersmanitoba.ca/events/

Women’s Health Clinic (WHC)

Having a baby – by birth or adoption – changes your life. The Mothers Program offers a range of community-based services in Winnipeg to support mothers through these changes. Free prenatal and postnatal workshops, drop-in groups, and a self-help group are available. 

Women’s Health Clinic offers a postpartum workshop for parents called Coping with Change. This series of workshops help parents understand all the emotional adjustments, including depression and anxiety, that may come after having a baby. It helps you to develop new coping strategies to support the changes that happen when a baby is introduced into a family, either by birth or adoption.  The program meets weekly at the Birth Centre and is offered regularly around the city and province by trained facilitators.  At the Birth Centre, registration is required. There is no fee. For more information on time/day, other locations, or to register, call 204-947-2422 ext. 113 or email mothersprogram@womenshealthclinic.org .

Nest Family Centre

Nest Family Centre is Winnipeg’s only family centre created by an experienced health care professional with the goal to provide knowledge and support to families from pre-conception to kindergarten. Nest runs various helpful classes, workshops and series plus offers free playgroups and private breastfeeding support. For more information, see the following link for an updated schedule of classes, workshops and series offered at Nest: https://www.nestfamilycentre.com/services/

Nest offers a couple of 4-week series called You are a Mama and You are a Mama (Still!). There is a cost for either of these series and registration is required.

Mothers are invited to come with their babies to a safe and comfortable environment and enjoy the company of other moms. Hillery Taylor, RN BN, will guide the discussions and provide any needed support. A topic of the participants’ choice will start each class, and then the participants will be encouraged to discuss their experiences and emotions with the group. The series will focus on creating a support network for mothers and their children. You are a Mama will focus on topics relevant from birth to 6 months while You are a Mama (Still!) will focus on topics relevant from 6 months to a year.

Nest also offers a free Feeding Support Group.

This support group offers an opportunity for moms to come and talk with others in similar situations and gain a feeling of community strength. A scale is provided for optional weigh-ins of your baby and a registered nurse is available to answer questions as needed. The focus is on talking (and venting!) about your feeding experiences.

Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) Manitoba and Winnipeg 

The Canadian Mental Health Association, Manitoba and Winnipeg, promotes the mental health of all Manitobans and supports individuals who experience mental illness and addictions issues to achieve recovery and well-being within healthy and supportive communities. Services and programs offered include: service navigation, recovery services, community education, and housing and employment supports.

The CMHA, Manitoba and Winnipeg, offers a 6-week series called More Than Mamas. There is no cost but registration is required.

Having a baby brings about all kinds of changes – physically, emotionally, mentally, and socially.  It’s easy to lose yourself in these changes and your new role as Mom.  This discussion-based group, led by two moms, will explore these changes and how to cope with them while focusing on Mom.  Focus topics may vary according to group interests but may include:  the birth experience, the postpartum experience and the fourth trimester, feeding, sleeping, postpartum depression and anxiety vs. the baby blues, how relationships change, boundaries and Mom guilt, baby/life balance, body image, self-care, finding your new identity as a mom, your expectations vs. the reality of having a baby, ideas for when the day seems long, and transitions. Resources will be provided.

Birth Roots Doula Collective Inc.

Birth Roots Doula Collective Inc. offers a wide range of services for the childbearing year including: birth and postpartum doulas, a variety of classes, yoga, rentals, and more. 

Birth Roots offers a class called Postpartum Class. There is a cost and registration is required.

This class is designed to give individuals space to discuss, be informed, and learn the truths about postpartum. You will be provided with essential information, tools, and resources to help you prepare for the changes and continual adaptation needed throughout the postpartum period.

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Rural Postpartum Support Groups

Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba (MDAM)

MDAM holds free peer-led Postpartum Support Groups in two rural areas. Call or email for more information.

Russell “Mothers Helping Mothers” Peer Support Meeting

This group is jointly operated by Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba (Westman) and Westman Anxiety Disorders Association of Manitoba.

Postpartum Anxiety & Depression Education & Support

  • Date & Time: 1st Thursday of each month from 1:30 – 3:00pm
  • Location: Growing Years Family Resource Centre in Selkirk, MB
  • Contact: Shelley Flitcroft at 204-330-7821 or shelleyf@mooddisordersmanitoba.ca or Growing Years Family Resource Centre at 204-785-8218.

This group is held in partnership with Growing Years Family Resource Centre – Healthy Baby Program, “Whole Baby Love”.

There are a number of general support groups operating in MDAM’s 7 rural regions. Contact the local outreach manager in your region to learn more.

The following services are available province-wide:

  • Postpartum only mailing list. You can sign up here for it. 
  • Prenatal/Pregnancy & Postpartum Facebook group. You can join here
  • Postpartum Warmline. Call or text the Warmline at 204-391-5983 from 9am to 9pm every day of the week or email postpartumwarmline@mooddisordersmanitoba.ca any time for peer support.

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Anxiety Disorder Support Groups

Anxiety Disorders Association of Manitoba (ADAM)

ADAM is a self-help organization offering support to Manitobans affected by an anxiety disorder. Across Manitoba, they offer cognitive behavioural programs as well as peer support and support groups for the prevention, education, early intervention and management of anxiety disorders. Locations are in Winnipeg, Brandon, Altona, Winnipeg Beach, Flin Flon/The Pas, Lac du Bonnet, Thompson, Swan River, and Dauphin. Please note they do not hold groups specific to Postpartum Anxiety. Visit the following link to find contact information for an ADAM location near you. http://www.adam.mb.ca/contact-us

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Support Groups

OCD Centre Manitoba, Inc.

OCD Centre Manitoba, Inc is a self-help organization offering support and education to people affected by Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). They offer many different support groups including an Adult Support Group, Friends & Family Support Group, Post CBT Group, and an OCD Book Club. For more information on these groups, see the following link: http://ocdmanitoba.ca/our-groups/

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Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support Groups

Women’s Health Clinic

Women’s Health Clinic offers the Winnipeg Pregnancy & Infant Loss Self-Help Group. This group offers a safe place to share, listen, learn, and connect with others who share your experience. This program is facilitated by community members but is supported by Women’s Health Clinic. 

Steinbach Family Resource Centre

The Southeast chapter of the SHARE Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support Group provides hope and support for those who have experienced a pregnancy and/or infant loss. 

Other programming provided at the Steinbach Family Resource Centre includes parenting classes, drop-in play groups, a drop-in prenatal group, Coping with Change, and a breastfeeding support group.

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Online Support 

When in-person support groups are not located near you, are only available at inconvenient times, or if the idea of them makes you uncomfortable, you may wish to participate in an online support group. We’ve listed a few below for your convenience:

Sacred Healing

Sacred Healing supports families throughout their childbearing years by offering holistic healing programs and sessions, in person or online, to help you on your journey of healing from a difficult birth experience, a challenging postpartum, support for your journey around infertility, conscious conception, and pregnancy loss.

Sacred healing offers a Birth Trauma Online Support Group.

Postpartum Support International (PSI)

Postpartum Support International (PSI) has a mission to promote awareness, prevention, and treatment of mental health issues related to childbearing in every country worldwide. They accomplish this through offering a variety of services including: peer support through their helpline and volunteer support coordinators, training and education for providers, resources, online support groups, chats with experts, and more.

PSI offers a number of online supports. Click on each one for more information:

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