A woman of Asian descent holds her daughter in her arms, both smiling.

Other Resources

Sometimes, it’s helpful to hear or see others’ experiences so we don’t quite feel so alone in our struggles. Before listening to these podcasts or viewing these films, please consider your current mental state to determine if the content may be triggering for you.


  • Adventures with Postpartum Depression
  • The Anxiety Podcast
  • Brand New Father Podcast
  • Mom & Mind
  • Newborn Mothers Podcast


When the Bough Breaks – available on iTunes and Google Play

Dark Side of the Full Moon – available on iTunes

  • Delves into the unseen world of maternal mental health in the U.S. It uncovers the disconnect within the medical community to effectively screen, refer, and treat the 1.3 million mothers affected each year, and gives a face and voice to the countless women who have suffered in silence. 
  • http://www.darksideofthefullmoon.com/

Perinatal Positivity – available on website

  • A short video that uses the real voices and experiences of women and men who have had mental wellbeing difficulties around the time of pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond. 
  • https://perinatalpositivity.org